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Welcome to Pickleballlevel.com, your ultimate resource for all things pickleball! Whether you’re a novice navigating the court or a seasoned player honing your skills, our platform is dedicated to elevating your pickleball proficiency with the guidance of Lela J. Reddin, a passionate advocate of the sport.

Lela J. Reddin

Title: Lead Author & Owner Of Pickleball Level

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Education: The University of Texas at San Antonio

Expertise: Marketing Manager, A Former Tennis Player & A Pickleball Player

Pickleball Paddle Guides

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Why Pickleball Paddles Cost More: Quality & Technology Explained

Explore why pickleball paddles come with a hefty price tag, diving into how advanced materials and technology enhance player performance. Learn tips on choosing the right paddle for your style and budget, including savvy shopping strategies.

pickleball paddle materials

Choosing Pickleball Paddle Materials: Enhance Your Game Style

Explore how the right pickleball paddle materials, like Nomex for power and polymer for control, can elevate your game. Learn to match materials to your playing style for optimal performance.

what is the difference between 14mm and 16mm pickleball paddle

What Is The Difference Between 14mm And 16mm Pickleball Paddle? Comparing Thickness and Playability

Explore the nuanced differences between 14mm and 16mm pickleball paddles in this detailed guide. Discover how thickness influences gameplay, with 14mm paddles offering speed and power, and 16mm emphasizing control. Learn about the role of balance, surface texture, and material in choosing the perfect paddle for your style.

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