Lela J. Reddin

Title: Owner & Lead Author

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Education: The University of Texas at San Antonio

Expertise: Marketing Manager, A Former Tennis Player & A Pickleball Player

Lela J. Reddin is the owner and lead author of Pickleballlevel.com, a website dedicated to providing readers with the latest news, tips, and reviews on all things pickleball-related.


Lela has always been athletic and competitive. Growing up in San Antonio, she spent most of her free time playing sports. Tennis was one of her favorites from a young age. She joined her high school tennis team and played doubles. Lela enjoyed the strategy of the game as well as the exercise.

After graduating high school, Lela pursued a marketing degree at UTSA. While in college, she continued playing tennis as much as her busy schedule allowed. Unfortunately, Lela developed a tennis elbow in her right arm during her junior year. The painful injury sidelined her from competition for over a year as she underwent physical therapy.

Once recovered, Lela returned to tennis and made it to regionals her senior year. However, the injury remained in the back of her mind. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in 2017, Lela wanted to stay active without risking further damage to her elbow. That’s when she discovered pickleball through a friend. She was instantly drawn to how it had a lower impact than tennis yet was still competitive.

These days, Lela plays pickleball regularly in leagues around San Antonio. She said: “The sport has allowed me to continue being athletic without pain. I love that it’s social and accessible for all levels.” Whether on the pickleball court or cheering on friends at tennis matches, Lela’s passion for racquet sports shines through. She is grateful for the opportunity to have found a new sport that keeps her active and engaged.

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